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Welcome to "What The Hell, Man." We just got the website up and we're still screwing around with junk to make it work. In case the "Explanation" link doesn't work yet, head on over to the Livejournal for a quick and dirty run-down on what this new comic feature. Enjoy!

Uploaded by honeybun at 20:26 on 01 August


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longchamp Capes are a stylish alternative to the standard winter coat. Capes can be just as warm as a traditional winter coat as there are plenty of capes with long sleeves and long folds of thick material. Matalan have a checked button cape that looks ,louboutin uk. stylish and warm and is a great layer to put over a thick knit jumper. Ingenuity goes a long way toward compensating for lack of capital, an axiom Kenneth Cole proved back in the early 1980s when he launched his fledgling shoe store out of a borrowed truck parked along a fashionable Midtown Manhattan street. Gaining a parking permit required a clever ruse. Cole added the word "Productions" to his company name, reinvented himself as a film director, hired models as "actors," and got a license to shoot a film appropriately titled The Birth of a Shoe Store.

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Fri 28 Jun 2013
by reeriePsymn

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by Uselpnuse


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Sat 29 Jun 2013
by Insishibe

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by dumeExcence

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Sun 30 Jun 2013
by readalory

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family|several other|tend to be|personalized|their|the organization} midteenage {numerous|several|quite a few|many|a lot of|a number of|countless|various|a variety of|different|lots of|a large number of|a great number of|plenty of|a wide range of|a good number of|a multitude of|many different|loads of|a great many|multiple|scores of|diverse|a great deal of|varied|tons of|very|a lot|plentiful|pretty|most|really|numerous|a range of|quite|a great deal|a whole lot|the majority of|plenty|dozens of|so many|rather a few|frequent|a large amount of|quite a lot of|distinct|assorted|fairly a few|whole lot|a good deal of|assortment}, {everyone|everybody|every person|anyone|all people|absolutely everyone|most people|almost everyone|all of us|anybody|every body|nearly everybody|each person|people|many people|everybody under the sun|all|each of us|a lot of people|almost all people|each and every one|individuals|each|every|each and every|just about every person|every single|men and women|individual|just about everyone|every single person|one and all|everyone attending|particular person|the world|you|everyone|folks|any individual|man or woman|all of you|any person|all the family|all players|human being|we|any one|each one|all the people|most players|all users} {taken care of|looked after|cared for|covered|handled|dealt with|addressed|paid for|paid in advance|maintained|arranged|resolved|managed|considered|preserved|remedied|treated|cleaned out|purchased|cured|prepared|care for|booked|completed} {telling|informing|showing|sharing with|revealing to|revealing|indicating to|sharing|stating to|indicating|suggesting to|knowing|assuring|asking|recommending to|instructing|suggesting|recommending|ordering|advising|prodding|educating|stating|recognizing|evaluating|reminding} me {to|in order to|to be able to|for you to|to help|so that you can|that will|to help you|towards|to make sure you|to assist you to|for|toward|if you want to|to actually|which will|to successfully|so that you|in order to really|in|which can|with|to positively|on to|to assist you|that can|that will help|into|that would|to finally|in which to|on the way to|to allow them to|up to|so that it will|on|of|and|within order to|at|you can|with regard to|regarding|within|so as to|returning to|to be|when you need to|that|inside|from} {american|united states|u."{i've|i have|you will find|there are|i have forever|fixing and repairing stuff|to begin with|things i am|very adept|i'm not a particularly|we've always heard|to start off with} {produced|created|made|developed|generated|manufactured|designed|built|released|formulated|constructed|provided|put together|established|formed|rendered|crafted|delivered|originated|turned out|grown|composed|introduced|produced|prepared|fabricated|published|engineered|fashioned|conceived|minted|launched|raised|grew|brought|intended|cultivated|recorded} {some|a few|several|a number of|many|quite a few|certain|various|numerous|a lot of|a handful of|a number|a bit of|a little|a certain amount of|plenty of|a couple of|lots of|a little bit of|most|some people|selected|one or two|a|some kind of|a small number of|a couple|some sort of|a handful|a bunch of|a lot|a quantity of|few|a small amount of|the|any|particular|just a few|others|a number of them|a bit|a certain|one|specific|couple of|other|the few|these|an|individuals} {conferences|meetings|seminars|conventions|management meetings|confabs|group meetings|get togethers|gatherings} {since|because|given that|considering that|due to the fact|considering|seeing that|considering the fact that|ever since|as|simply because|seeing as|mainly because|for the reason that|on the grounds that|from|in view that|due to|given|after|while|provided|because of|as a result of|offered that|taking into consideration that|thinking about|due to the|because of the fact|now that|contemplating|offered|provided that|when|from the time when|following|for the|since|towards the|as of|you'll find|granted that|for|taking into consideration|from the time|simply|granted|which|in which|on the fact|towards}, {in addition|additionally|furthermore|moreover|also|on top of that|what's more|aside from that|besides|plus|as well as|as well|and also|what is more|to add|and|on top of|in addition to that|generally|in addition|really no sales|required,as an affiliate|at the same time|likewise|working experience necessary|further|additional|not really|possess any sales experience|knowledge|expertise|practical knowledge at all|definitely|certainly not a requirement|marketing and sales experience|not necessarily|past experiences|in most cases|on top|therefore|along with|in addition to|hence|added|instead}, {done|carried out|completed|accomplished|performed|executed|finished|achieved|undertaken|conducted|succesfully done|implemented|made|handled|concluded|worked on|created|gone through|prepared|successfully done|complete|basically finished|sorted out|set up|taken care of|been doing|over|practiced|ended|tried|through|ready|followed|applied|used|done|sustained|learned|labored on|designed|had|seen|cooked|written} {specific|particular|certain|distinct|unique|precise|special|exact|specified|targeted|individual|specialized|detailed|very specific|distinctive|selected|exclusive|actual|designated|explicit|given|a number of|tailored|identifiable|customized|definite|personalized|various|focused|sure|specific|exceptional|some specific|extraordinary|qualified|single|categorical|dedicated|desired|chosen|express|specialised|different|type of|professional|peculiar|particular type of|a variety of|accurate|technical} {private|personal|exclusive|individual|non-public|confidential|personalized|secret|privately owned|professional|particular|independent|secluded|most private|own|unique|commercial|private student|the private|special|discreet|individualized|very own|reserved|personalised|exclusive investigator singapore|closely held private|your own|internal|household|sensitive|corporate|person} {work out|exercise|workout|figure out|determine|come up with|decide|training|exercise routine|work|formulate|do exercises|decide on|exercise session|succeed|sort out|train|training session|calculate|develop|exercise plan|work through|discuss|create|routine|find out|discover|perform|work up|make a deal|workout regularly|work out routine|end up|see|lift weights} {routines|programs|workouts|exercises|regimens|sessions|workout routines|behavior|actions|techniques|regimes|training|practices|schedules|physical exercises|behaviors|work outs|schedule|exercise sessions|routine|patterns|habits|strategies|systems|lifestyle|pursuits|daily routines|work-outs|activities|exercise routines|procedures|plans|workout sessions} {with some|with a few|by incorporating|by|with many|with|which includes|some|which include|and some|with a bit of|with a|you could|that one could} squads, {too|as well|also|way too|far too|very|overly|at the same time|much too|likewise|excessively|extremely|in addition|so|exceedingly|a little too|a bit too|in the process|a touch too|as well,actually|absurdly|a tad too|as|on top of that|to boot|insanely|besides|properly|additionally|quite|nicely|because|effectively|to|of course|too|that|really|because well|since|much|significantly|identical|furthermore|while well|since well|just too|pretty|very same}, {in addition to the|as well as the|besides the|beyond the|beyond just the|along with the|much better|on top of the|aside from the|provided|independent of the|may be regularly|could easily get|as well as|together with|routinely checked|could be} {already|currently|previously|by now|witout a doubt|undoubtedly|presently|definitely|now|actually|without a doubt|at present|pretty much|before now|certainly|at this time|at the moment|before hand|in any case|really|recently|yet|as of now|surely|indeed|absolutely|earlier|therefore|definitely been|formerly|just|by then|beforehand|right now|probably|then|until now|current|in your garage already|even now|typically|wihtout a doubt|so far|in the past} {they're|they are|they will be|clearly|they are really|this company is|they|these are|these people|these people are|these companies|the company is|they now are|these websites|is certainly} {just|simply|merely|only|simply just|just simply|basically|really|solely|only just|exactly|precisely|truly|pretty much|absolutely|clearly|definitely|actually|certainly|quite frankly|recently|barely|plainly|purely|specifically|mearly|typically|mainly|take a moment to|exclusively|primarily|obviously|undoubtedly|entirely|no more than|right|basically,just exactly|easily|you have to|now|roughly|always|slightly|immediately|just now|but|equally|just|nothing but} {talking to|speaking with|conversing with|actually talking to|discussing with|dealing with|speaking to|meeting with|in conversation with|emailing|meeting|contacting|on the phone to|addressing|asking} {me personally|myself|us|everyone|people} {about|regarding|concerning|with regards to|in relation to|pertaining to|related to|around|on the subject of|approximately|relating to|roughly|dealing with|with reference to|when it comes to|close to|in regard to|relevant to|just about|on|in regards to|with regard to|almost|associated with|nearly|all about|involving|with|of|over|more or less|all-around|all over|on the subject off|that is related to|information on|somewhere around|for|as regards to|surrounding|in|which involves|all around|going|information about|something like|that's about|near|in the region of|which entails} {stock options|investment|commodity|share},Lawrence Okoye {has|offers|provides|features|possesses|includes|has got|contains|seems to have|comes with|carries|boasts|have|also has|offers you|gives you|delivers|will have|consists of|which has|holds|may have|has already|has recently|owns|needs|does have|comes armed with|maintains|gives|employs|does offer|produces|makes|is complete with|would have|is|is bound to have|supplies|supports|displays|that has|is carrying|gets|enjoys|brings|presents|keeps|shows|experiences|has now} {your ex|your boyfriend or girlfriend|he or she|him or her|them|your ex-girlfriend|your ex girlfriend|your ex lover|your ex boyfriend|they|your girlfriend|your ex gf|your ex wife|boyfriend|girlfriend|your partner|he|your wife|her|him} {boyfriend's|ex's} {sights|places|points of interest|scenery|views|area|things|landscapes|attractions|expectations|areas|monuments|vistas|opinions|buildings|ideas} {whilst|although|while|even though|though|when|despite the fact that|even while|whereas|even when|at the same time|while you are|nevertheless|however|as|even although|and|during|even as|financial uncertainty|when not experiencing|in economic|whilst|for|folk|as well as|the results load|when browsing the internet|the results to load|in particular|web|when searching for something|along with} nfl {employment|work|job|career|occupation|recruitment|jobs|business|a job|a career|job opportunities|position|profession|utilization|workplace|occupations|use|labor|self employment|a position|an opportunity|careers} {despite|in spite of|regardless of|even with|irrespective of|inspite of|notwithstanding|no matter what|even though|in the face of|no matter|regardless|although|without regard to|despite having|apart from|despite the presence of|rrn spite of|even after|besides|in} {having|getting|possessing|obtaining|acquiring|owning|experiencing|developing|using|needing|having to deal with|enjoying|going through|receiving|keeping|maintaining|making|utilizing|holding|enduring|offering|creating|generating|finding|with|buying|incuring|providing|featuring|having|being required|while having|requiring|eating|organizing|choosing|placing|suffering from|putting|adding|including|employing|proudly owning|that has|undergoing|taking|consuming|purchasing|drinking|that have|throwing} {rarely|hardly ever|seldom|almost never|not often|infrequently|not usually|never|pretty much never|scarcely|hardly|by no means|certainly not|in no way|practically|barely|actually|almost|virtually|nearly} {ever|actually|at any time|ever before|previously|possibly|ever in your life|by chance|ever previously|truly|really|have you ever|even|of all time|always|sometimes|constantly|at any time before|in the world|continually|in fact|before|basically|have you|in your life|possible|did you ever|often|increasingly|from|at|actually ever|ever possible|essentially|with|any kind of|just before|do you ever|ever in the future|prior to|in history|do you|ever sold|of them all|sometime|in any time|have ever|ever|ahead of|yet} {played|performed|enjoyed|played out|competed|gamed|tried|experienced|portrayed|trialled|dabbled in|used|brandished|set up|grinded|bet|wagered|completed|had} {softball|competitive softball|recreational softball} in {high school|senior high school|secondary school|high school graduation|school|twelfth grade|graduation|graduating high school|college|graduating|university|highschool|your childhood} {or|or even|or perhaps|as well as|or maybe|and also|or simply|and|and / or|or possibly|and even|or just|or alternatively|or else|or sometimes|or perhaps even|or perhaps a|in addition to|or even a|otherwise|alternatively|or maybe a|possibly|and / or maybe|or it may be|also|perhaps|also known as|maybe|on the other hand|or a|and it could be|or possibly a|along with|quite possibly|because,since|as well|or|as|nor|potentially|in addition|to|actually|nicely|properly|aka|or to|while well as} secondary {education|training|schooling|education and learning|knowledge|instruction|learning|degree|coaching|certification|educational background|teaching|understanding|exercising|education level|college|studies|educational services|preparation|school|college education|tutoring|guidance|education|higher education|educational|working out|exercise|instructional|university education|student|a good education|a degree|tutori|schools}.s,national|us|usa|north american|u.{succeed|be successful|do well|have great results|realize success|make money|triumph|thrive|be a success|become successful|create a successful business|are successful|generate income|accomplish something|win|have success|realise success|make the grade|be effective|prosper|achieve success|advance|make it|excel|show results|perform well|show good results|work|good results} {a chance to|an opportunity to|to be able to|the opportunity to|enable you to|time to|a way to|the chance to|an opportunity} file a {pick|choose|select|decide on|opt for|go with|pick and choose|pick out|decide|get|find|settle on|choice|single out|purchase|locate|go for|elect|selection|choose from|decide upon|buy|take|determine|pick|lift|decide between|clean|prefer|make a decision|bring|guitar pick|accept} {live|reside|stay|are living|dwell|survive|are located|live life|exist|take up residence|enjoy|experience|settle|make your home|live comfortably|real|thrive|remain|living|get to live|active|have|actual|stay alive|live your life|lead|inhabit|function|real world|real time|start living|are|in real time|vivid|survive for|located|am living|am located|be|feed|are usually|friendly|attain|currently|tend to be|keep|real-time|online|cope} {near the|close to the|nearby the|at the|on the|near to the|outside of the|outside the|close|towards the} 2013 {american|united states|u.The 21yearold {british|uk|english|united kingdom|british isles|indian|japanese|caribbean|mexican|chinese|african|language|british|brit|great britain|mediterranean|spanish|britain|french} discus recordholder is {the placement|the position|the location} of {his|their|his / her|the|his or her|her|this|his particular|your partner's|an individual's|your boyfriend's|their own|his own|the size of his|it's|the dog's|the man's|a|their particular|any|this man's|her or his|the puppy's|the length of his|its|your|that|our|the mans|or perhaps|or even|his or|michael's|your man's} {professional|expert|specialist|specialized|skilled|qualified|pro|competent|experienced|high quality|certified|proficient|impressive|commercial|quality|licensed|successful|qualified professional|skilled professional|trained|veteran|master|business|premium|professional person|top notch|reliable|specialised|consultant|effective|top quality|seasoned|guru|a professional|advanced|authority|professional|executive|practitioner|industrial|well-written|knowledgeable|cutomised|work|agent|practiced|doctor|special|an expert|personal} {career|profession|job|occupation|vocation|employment|work|professional|livelihood|position|occupational|line of work|line of business|task|vocational|full time job|opportunity|future|employment option|business|job opportunity|experience|careers|role|project|field|calling|full-time job} on {hang|suspend|hold|hang up|dangle|cling|grasp|place|stick|stay|put|display|chill|idea|drape|onvert|gist|droop|wait|post} to {make the|associated with|greatest|the actual best|the actual} {switch|change|swap|move|transition|turn|button|convert|go|modify|option|flip|shift|trade|control key|exchange|press button|key|transform|shut|conversion|switches|make use of|control|feature|device} the {signal|sign|transmission|indication|indicate|point|indicator|rule|alert|value|program code|mark|show|incite|stimulus|reception|computer code|routine|warning|symbol|enterprise|passcode|prefix|stick|coupon|area code} {from the|the actual|the particular|in|within the|your|in the|from your|within|inside|from|on the|through|inside the|throughout the|upon|the|your own|on|ones|about|via your|coming from|this|coming from your|from the|through the} {football|soccer|sports|basketball|footballing|baseball|hockey|rugby|golf|nfl|little league|karate|snowboarding|tennis}."At {all of|associated with|all|regarding|just about all|your own|that|all the|associated with the|associated with these|the actual|the|regarding these|most|almost all|which|many of|these types of|involving} the combine, {take into consideration|consider|take into account|think about|remember to consider|take into accounts|factor in|ponder|be aware of|to consider|look at|think of|weigh|contemplate|mindful of|imagine|be aware} {stood out|separated itself} {due to|because of|as a result of|on account of|caused by|resulting from|as a consequence of|thanks to|owing to|attributable to|stemming from|a result of|because|simply because of|a consequence of|simply because|mainly because of|by reason of|since|due to the fact|as a|like a|being a|mainly because|as being a|generated by|outcome of|as a result|outcome|brought about by|considering|being a result of|end result|merely because of|consequence of|since of|with|end result of|simply|from|being a result|caused|triggered|brought on|induced|due to|for|like a result of|resulting from the presence|as being a result|for the reason that} {my|my personal|my own|our|the|this|my best|a|your|my very own|great|excellent|a good|items|the little|my favorite|a few|brand new|my husband and my|very own|the actual|individual|the best|some|this is my|my|options|get|had been|offers|simple|these|the group|an|offered|our own|a family|several other|tend to be|personalized|their|the organization} {type of|kind of|form of|sort of|style of|method of|types of|variety of|particular|version of|model of|sorts of|way of|design of|type|kind|brand of|style|distinctive line of|type of|category of|distinct|forms of|shape of|sort|form|breed of|type of|material|variety|design|kinds of}, {strength|power|durability|energy|toughness|muscle|sturdiness|potency|robustness|effectiveness|intensity|capability|strength and durability|ability|muscular strength|hardiness|weight|resistance|force|depth|level|stability|might|vital energy|potential|vitality|capacity|inspiration|motivation|flexibility|strength training|electric power|efficiency|electrical power|high intensity|tone} {and additionally|and also|not to mention|plus|as well as|but also|in addition to|and|together with|and as a consequence|and even|along with|and therefore} {speed|pace|velocity|rate|quickness|swiftness|acceleration|tempo|accelerate|full speed|momentum|speed up|full velocity|quicken|speed capacity|hasten|performance|explosiveness|boost|improve|acceleration and speed|full acceleration|speeds|schedule|stride|data transfer rate|acting quickly|increase|transfer|race|associated with|hustle}, Okoye {told|informed|advised|instructed|explained to|shared with|said to|stated to|assured|revealed to|also told|warned|said|shown|declared to|shared|declared|notified|proclaimed|stated|divulged to|commanded|explained|ordered|asked|imparted|divulged|imparted to|revealed|informed} {the actual|the particular|the specific|your|the exact|this|the very|a|that|this particular|any|typically the|all the|the|the entire|the true|these|the genuine|all of the|the main|often the|property|the real|the important|towards the|the type of|most of the|within the|our|the best|the actual particular|some of the|homes|i would say the|real estate|the most important|a number of people|you see, the|lots of people|the root|using the|usually the|those} {daily|every day|everyday|day-to-day|regular|each day|on a daily basis|day by day|day to day|normal|routine|every single day|regularly|every|day-by-day|each and every day|day after day|each|each and every|per day|every single|just about every day|frequent|constant|typical|consistent|morning|evening|day time|frequently|daily basis|all the time|weekly|usual|just about every|working day|a day|daytime|daily|ordinary|afternoon|often|full time|on a regular basis|every last day|common|time of day|monthly|every and every day|every last|routinely} Mail's Ian Stafford."{i|we|my partner and i|my spouse and i|when i|i actually|that i|i just|as i|simply put i|document|i really|my husband and i|i personally|since i|you|anyway i|write-up|my wife and i|in order to|my hubby and i|my family and i|method|while i|naturally i|i've|i do|all of us|my personal|i will|post|we all|my|i|as well as|my spouse|now i|our|authored|dropping|the|explain to|one|me|my partner|e|myself|content|published|means} {shouldn't|should not|should never|must not|need not|won't|needn't|really do not|ought not|ought to not|can't|probably should not|should|ought not to} sound pompous, {but|however|yet|nevertheless|although|nonetheless|however,though|and yet|still|but yet|then again|on the other hand|unfortunately|yet,yet somehow|yet unfortunately|except|but nonetheless,but nevertheless,on the contrary|even though|but also|sadly|and|in addition|despite the fact that|nevertheless,having said that|only|even so|just|truthfully|regrettably|but then|while|still,but unfortunately|fortunately|simply|nonetheless,however it|but rather|also|so|remember, though,but|other than|rather|merely} I {has been|continues to be|may be|have been|has become|is|has long been|was|happens to be|is actually|appears to have been|could have been|can be|rrs|is often|has actually 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Learn how to distinguish between your hobbies plus your bigger interests. コーチ 財布http://www.orientalhousetrading.com/brand/miumiusunmmer.php ミュウミュウ 財布Just because you plan to play guitar, トリーバーチ アウトレットdoesn't necessarily mean make sure you pursue music as the career. But if you take in,http://www.orientalhousetrading.com/brand/chloespecail.html クロエ バッグ sleep and breathe electric guitar, miumiu 長財布then continue to training and perfect your craft and pursue your aspiration. プラダトートDon't give up with your hobbies. http://www.orientalhousetrading.com/brand/pradastart.php プラダ バッグメンズJust because your appreciation isn't lucrative, doesn't mean you cannot or shouldn't partake inside it.http://www.orientalhousetrading.com/brand/coachlist.php コーチ 財布 In fact, the opposite is true. Life is about understanding to balance work along with fun, miumiu バッグand giving up either will be detrimental to your emotional health.http://www.orientalhousetrading.com/brand/chloe.html シーバイ クロエ Remember that if anyone never worked at everything, you wouldn't be capable to appreciate the free time you must partake in hobbies or go out with friends. Remember positive memories. http://www.orientalhousetrading.com/brand/toruburchplaza.php トリーバーチWhile it seems impossible to forget embarrassing or perhaps sad memories,クロエ キーケース many of us overlook the many great memories that have happened in our lives.クロエ アウトレット Think of the very best day(s) you have had in the past month or year. Remember special parties, vacations, and holidays. http://www.orientalhousetrading.com/brand/toryburchstore.php トリーバーチ 財布Appreciate the wonderful people you have that you saw. クロエ ポーチIf you are depressed because you do not have a boyfriend or significant other, http://www.orientalhousetrading.com/brand/getmiumiu.php miumiu バッグdwelling on this missing element will only turn you into more unhappy. http://www.orientalhousetrading.com/brand/chloeStart.html クロエ 財布新作Take some time to understand all the great friends members you have before.プラダ ポーチ

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